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Flexible Concrete Rolls

Versatile rollout concrete solutions for a wide range of applications.

Excellent Performance

FCM’s strength surpasses C30 concrete when fully hardened. Its durability is impressive with a guaranteed service life of up to 50 years. 

Easy Installation

The installation process is simple: unroll, cut to requirements, secure, lay, hydrate and allow to harden. Construction will be ready for use 24 hours after hydration.

Labour Saving

A small team of 2 to 3 can install up to 400m2 per day, 50 times faster than conventional construction methods. Skill requirements are minimal, and tools are readily available.


The overall cost of FCM is lower than that of traditional construction materials. The streamlined installation results in lower labour costs with minimal secondary maintenance expenses.

Fire & UV Resistant

Class A UV resistance. Ageing 500 hours  results in >95% strength retention.

Environmentally Friendly

FCM utilises 90% less cement than traditonal construction methods, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions. The materials used in FCM are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, ensuring no harm to the environment.

Convenient Construction

Ditch built with Swiftcrete concrete rolls.

Required Tools

 The tools required for laying the concrete rolls include a utility knife or an electric cloth cutter. 

Swiftcrete concrete rolls being laid.

Laying Swiftcrete

Siftcrete concrete rolls can be laid either manually or with the assistance of a crane.

Carbon fibre bolt securing a concrete roll.

Fixing Methods

Common fixing methods include steel drills, self-tapping screws and gunpowder nails. Options for slope protection include carbon fibre bolts, steel drills, self-taping screws, gunpowder nails and expansion screws.

Auxiliary tools may encompass hammers, electric cutting knives and welding machines.

Auxiliary materials may consist of structural adhesive, waterproof mortar and waterproof tape.


Swiftcrete Concrete Rolls Dyed in Different Colours

Can Be Dyed

Swiftcrete Erosion-Resistant Concrete Rolls

Erosion Resistant

Swiftcrete Concrete Rolls with Plant Growth

Can Facilitate Plant Growth

Swiftcrete Heatproof Concrete Rolls

Resistant to High Temperatures

Swiftcrete Concrete Roll Being Rolled Out

Customisable Shape & Length

Concrete Wall and Floor

Age Resistant

Swiftcrete Concrete Rolls Being Cut

Can Be Cut Where Necessary

Swiftcrete Shapeable Concrete Rolls

Can Be Shaped to Suit Structure

Concrete Wall and Floor

Corrosion Resistant

Waterproof Swiftcrete Concrete

Waterproof, Impermeable & Resistant to Freeze/Thaw Cycles


Ditch built with Swiftcrete concrete rolls.


Water Conservancy Projects
Agricultural Ditches
Ecological Ditches
Rain Ditches
Mountain Ditches
Highway Drainage Ditches
Temporary Diversion Ditches
Sewerage Ditches

Swifcrete Concrete Slope Protection


Mine Slope Protection
Roadside Protection
Building Slopes
Anti-Collapse Reinforcement
Drainage Ditches in Mine Waste Slopes
Coast & Wharf Anti-Scour Measures
Embankment Protection

Mine Pool Built with Swiftcrete Concrete Blankets


Cisterns & Reservoirs
Washing Pools
Property Sewerage Reservoirs
Sewage Treatment Plants
Swirl Sand Settling
Haikou Pumping Station Sumps
Anti-Seepage Liners for Fish Ponds
Reinforcement of Embankments
Protection Against Erosion in Mariculture

Pipeline & Culvert Lining Built with Swiftcrete Concrete Rolls

Pipeline & Culvert Linings

Swiftcrete Retaining Earth Dam

Retaining Earth Dams

Swiftcrete Tents and Bunkers

Tents & Bunkers

& many more.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Swiftcrete’s product strengths lie in deep product research, development, precision manufacturing and advanced technology.

Shanze Aquatic Products have been granted patent authorisation and have undergone rigorous quality inspections by reputable organisations such as CTC of the National Building Materials Testing Center of Guofeng Group and SGS, a leading worldwide inspection and certification body.

The use of high-quality raw materials, in conjunction with robust quality-management systems, guarantee the superior quality of the composite, flexible concrete blankets.

Shanze Aquatic Products currently boasts an annual production of 1.5 million square metres. Leveraging advanced equipment technology, well-established products, and extensive research on construction methods, Shanze offers comprehensive solutions spanning from design to construction.

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